1. When is the promotion live?

Live from 1st August – 30th September 2022

  1. How long do you have to redeem your vouchers once you have entered the promotion?

30th September – 1st October 2022

  1. What is the mechanic of this promotion
    1. Purchases specially marked Clipsal kit from participating MMEM Wholesaler during promo period
    2. Go to promotion website, enter MMEM account number, unique code from Promotion card inside pack to claim gift
      - please note: each code will be unique to pack type which will be tied to an agreed nominated value
    3. Each valid claim adds to your Gift bank
    4. Claim Gift card bank at any time during and up to 30 days following promo period
    5. Winning gift cards delivered via email
  1. What account number do I need to enter the promotion?

You will only be able to enter if you have a registered MMEM business account number.

  1. When can you use your winning vouchers?

Once you have entered the relevant details, and cashed out your voucher/s, you can use you voucher instantly from the 1st of August.

  1. When can you cash out your vouchers?

Once you have entered the relevant details, you can start to cash out instantly from the 1st of August. 

  1. Where do I find my unique code?

Our unique code will be found in your purchased Clipsal product/s, in the displayed small point of sale card.

  1. Are there limits on how much you can win over the promotion period?

Yes, only 12 claims per account number (Max $1140) in Gift value during Promotion Period.

  1. What retailers can I win vouchers for?

Winners will have a choice of either an Adrenaline / Flight Centre / BCF Gift Card.

  1. Do I have to enter my details in every time I want to enter?

No, once you have entered once, with relevant details you will only need to confirm your mobile number each time to get back onto your dashboard.

  1. What if I am experiencing issues with entering or the promotional microsite

Please add your name and details, along with your questions or issues in our contact us page.

  1. What if I am experiencing issues with getting or downloading my voucher

Please contact Prezzee via https://www.prezzee.com.au/contact/ or on 1800 940 868